Our partner marketing team takes care of the website, print-outs, badges, banners, and more for your conference in less than a day.

The Corporate Travel Agency

For over 20 years our veteran and woman-run business has saved millions for events around the world. From the Olympics in Salt Lake City to hosting some of the largest government and healthcare conferences, we have the expertise to meet your business travel needs with ease. We assist free to you. Get in touch at info@thecorporatetravelagency.com

We are the corporate travel agency for your next event. 


Are we able to handle a large group?

Yes. We've handled groups as small as 10, but typically our typical group size ranges from 500 to 2,000.

What makes us different from other agencies?

We do our booking and planning fully in house. Working with us is about as positive as the experience you'll have at an event we host. We take pride in how well we structure our events.

How much can I save?

For small groups of 10 to 100 I can get deals such as free happy hour, extended check outs, earlier check in, free breakfast, free dry-cleaning, and more. We cover the discussions with hotels to get lower deals than you'll find online or through many other agencies. Depending on the length and the group size, we can get the deals that cover the entire conference center, food or drinks, and hundreds of free items through our connections. We can save on average 30%-40% for corporate events.

What do I have to provide?

We typically need the desired destinations, dates and length, estimate group size, required corporate events (we cover the night life and day fun), ideal price range, type of activities, and goal of the event. We benefit from seeing any prior event outlines and speaking 1-on-1 with prior staff who have worked with agencies like us. We also help new groups host and market their first conferences through our affiliate marketing company likesubmarine.com.

How much experience do you have?

We have over 40 years of combined travel experience with the top marketing staff, event planners, destination management staff, networking with the event C-levels who are needed to develop such deals, and the experience more organized events such as the government and medical organizations. We keep our events organized so everything s good to go on the event dates. 

How many locations have you covered?

Our staff have traveled around the world with groups and getting to know areas so we can book the right excursion and day/nightlife events beyond the conference and meetings. We've covered all major global destinations in these past 20 years. 

Do we work "after-hours"

We answer calls, emails, and even texts at all times of the day. Some of our best relationships are with the corporate groups we work with. 

How do we get started?

Simply book an appointment as soon as tomorrow and we will get on call (Skype or FaceTime) and write out our goal plan for you. We then do our host of calls and meetings so that hosts such as Marriot or a night club can draft you a highly budgeted contract to ensure we can get the deal of the century for you. Someone from our company and yours then signs this contract to get you on your way. We then secure the estimate you need in real time. 

How much time will this take me?

Other than a 15 to 30 minute phone call (or an email/text)and some signatures when you agree on the discount, no additional time is required. All we need to know is  desired destinations, dates and length, estimate group size, required corporate events (we cover the night life and day fun), ideal price range, type of activities, and goal of the event. Our management team has experience in the medical, law, finance, business, and many other fields to help you create a dream iteneray that is both efficient and fun for the group.

Trust us by our repeat clients.

See a few of the clients we've planned in our portfolio of major clients below. We are trusted by our clients from major physician groups to large government meetings for years because we always deliver at the lowest price and with the most flawless execution.